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Vitafence Production
- 1.000.000 m2 / year production capacity
- Production at the desired height between 50 - 400 cm
- Production in the desired eye range between 40x40 - 80x80 mm
- Production in desired wire diameters between 1.8-3.2 mm for galvanized wire and 2.9-4.5 mm for PVC coated wire tablo1

Vitafence Production
Grass fence, which is preferred in many areas today, is a product that can be used for many years without requiring maintenance and gives a natural and decorative appearance to the area where it is used. Being able to be produced in desired colors and sizes, it provides full harmony and integrity to the area to be applied. -

- 240.000 m2 / year production capacity
- Manufacture of grass fence in desired colors
- Production at the desired height between 50 - 250 cm
- Non-flammable and resistant to deformations such as fading, deterioration, and spillage. tablo2
- Color options are entirely at the consumer's preference, and any color can be produced.
- Panel fence height varies between 50 cm and 200 cm.
- Panel fence complementary equipment to be used during assembly (products such as steel dowels, metal clips, profiles and covers are given in the set.)
Barbed wires are used for protection and border determination in areas such as buildings, construction and fields. The barbed wire bodies are reinforced by twisting two hot-dip galvanized wires. Thorn tips are four pieces.

Our barbed wires are produced in two types as Reverse Twist (meter) and Conventional. Our reverse twist barbed wires are produced as standard as 250 meters and 125 meters. These barbed wires have a smaller diameter than conventional barbed wires and are mostly preferred for border determination. Conventional barbed wires are mostly preferred in applications requiring force such as preventing animal attacks.
- With its planar razor wire structure, it aims to prevent passages by obtaining a straight razor-high elevation to the top of the existing fences.
- Since it can be easily assembled and prepared in accordance with all structures, its usage areas are quite wide.
- Planar-wound and spiral-wound, as well as straight razor wire form can be welded in square or rectangular forms and supplied in desired dimensions.
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